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Jan Kundrát, 2015-02-23 10:34
'packaging' dir is needed for NSIS

Release procedure

# The version in the .h file should *not* include the "v" prefix
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ vim src/trojita-version.h trojita.spec
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita[master] $ git commit src/trojita-version.h
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ git tag -u 44722517 v$VERSION
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ git archive --format=tar --prefix=trojita-$VERSION/ v$VERSION LICENSE README CMakeLists.txt cmake src tests qtc_packaging packaging -o trojita-$VERSION.tar
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita[master] $ ln -s . trojita-$VERSION
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita[master] $ python l10n-fetch-po-files.py
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita[master] $ tar rf trojita-$VERSION.tar trojita-$VERSION/po/trojita_common_*.po
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita[master] $ rm trojita-$VERSION
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ bzip2 -9 trojita-$VERSION.tar
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ gpg --armor --detach-sign trojita-$VERSION.tar.bz2
jkt@svist ~/work/prog/trojita $ rsync -avP trojita-$VERSION.tar.bz2* jkt_,trojita@frs.sourceforge.net:/home/frs/project/t/tr/trojita/src/