GSoC Ideas for Trojitá

Trojitá is trying to take part in Google's Summer of Code project. We're welcome of ideas from potential contributors, and here's a short list of features which could be interesting for new contributors (please see our Contributing document for details):

Mobile GUI and the Android Port

Thanks to the huge potential of the Qt library, it is possible to deploy Qt applications on various handheld devices. However, the touch-oriented interfaces require a radically different paradigm when doing the design, and as such typically require a whole redesign of the GUI. This idea for the GSoC suggests writing a custom GUI for touch-oriented mobile devices, building on top of what has been already done in the MeeGo Harmattan port.

Required Skills

The Mobile port should be undertaken by someone who owns a supported Andorid device. The student should have a passion for UI design. Experience with QML or Qt Quick is a plus, but not required, same for Qt knowledge.

Improving the Desktop GUI

The desktop GUI could be improved, too. This will require many small fixes, and could be combined with designing the touch-oriented interface. Code re-use is good.

Required Skills

The applicant shall have a passion for UI design. Generic Qt knowledge or an experience with QML or Qt Quick is a plus.