Why Trojitá?

The are many e-mail clients, but most of them either do not use advanced IMAP features at all, or are simply too experiemntal to be used on a daily basis. Trojitá aims to change that; its goal is to create a fast client that works well even over slow or high-latency networks which often break, while not holding you back when you sit on a good connection. Trojitá doesn't have any problems opening huge mailboxes with hundreds of thousand of messages, fits well into a modern desktop environments and is capable of running on portable devices like handsets and smart phones.

Why didn't you fix $program instead?

A few years ago, well before I started Trojitá, I've tried to go through the source of KMail and Mailody. The code dealing with IMAP was fundamentally broken, to the point that fixing it would require a full rewrite of the implementation, which is what I did. Also, I had to get a degree for something.

It's a cool name. What does it mean and how should I pronounce that word?

It's a Czech word which means "triple". The meaning is an inside joke related to a Czech pseudo-word, blésmrt. The whole story is inspired by Mutt's "all e-mail clients suck, this one just sucks less". The real pronounciation is rather hard for English speakers, so you can stick with a Spanish-like style.

How can I help?

We have a nice document explaining how to get involved with Trojitá, so if you'd like to get involved, please go ahead and join us!