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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version % Done
452 DeskaBugNewNormalhardware cannot set attributes which belong to hostTomáš Hubík2012-01-09 13:48CLI / Application

450 DeskaBugNewNormalRebase: restored objects do not contain the original dataTomáš Hubík2012-01-08 18:03CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

448 DeskaBugNewNormalTab completion shall not suggest any modifying commands when not associated to a changesetTomáš Hubík2012-01-08 17:29CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

447 DeskaBugNewNormaltest for the listRevisions commandJan Kundrát2012-01-08 13:42Testspostponed-wishlist

444 DeskaBugNewNormalConfusing error message when setting an invalid IPv4 addressTomáš Hubík2017-12-12 08:00CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

443 DeskaBugNewNormalCLI offers `show all` in the context of "golias111"Tomáš Hubík2012-01-08 18:07CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

441 DeskaBugNewNormaldataDifferenceInTemporaryChangeset() thinks that an identifier_set has changed when it did not changeMartina Krejčová2012-01-07 17:28SQL Database / Diffing

439 DeskaBugNewNormalCLI: enforce diff review before commitJan Kundrát2012-01-07 10:51CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

438 DeskaBugNewNormalCLI: context-sensitive helpTomáš Hubík2012-01-07 10:28CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

435 DeskaBugNewNormalSetting identifier_set attributes to NULL requires a Python hack due to PgPython's deficienciesLukáš Kerpl2012-01-03 11:56SQL Database / Corepostponed-wishlist

432 DeskaBugAssignedNormalTab completion for operators in filtersTomáš Hubík2012-01-02 19:51CLI / Parserpostponed-wishlist

424 DeskaBugNewNormalPictures for relations2012-01-02 19:54Documentationpostponed-wishlist

422 DeskaBugNewNormalmultiple level embeddingJan Kundrát2011-12-27 18:17Testspostponed-wishlist

421 DeskaBugNewNormaltests for the "last" filterJan Kundrát2011-12-27 18:16Testspostponed-wishlist

420 DeskaBugNewNormalReasonable logging for the serverJan Kundrát2011-12-26 13:14SQL Database / Serverpostponed-wishlist

415 DeskaBugNewNormalCLI: using applyBatchedChanges leads to inconsistent error messagesTomáš Hubík2012-01-02 19:54CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

414 DeskaBugNewNormalsetAttribute does not check the data type correctly2011-12-31 20:32SQL Database / JSONpostponed-wishlist

405 DeskaBugNewNormalAllow optional split-up of command batching when restoring a dumpTomáš Hubík2012-01-02 19:54CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

404 DeskaBugNewNormalCachingJsonApi: override all methods for proper cache managementJan Kundrát2011-12-09 16:19Protocol / C++ implementationpostponed-wishlist

393 DeskaBugNewNormalcannot search for hardware not having a specific boxTomáš Hubík2012-01-02 19:54CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

392 DeskaBugNewNormalNo tab completion for "modelbox generic-rack accepts_inside ["Tomáš Hubík2012-01-02 16:15CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

390 DeskaBugNewLowDate printing from the CLITomáš Hubík2011-12-05 16:00CLI / Parserpostponed-wishlist

376 DeskaBugNewLowtab completion for the `resume` commandTomáš Hubík2012-01-02 16:16CLI / Applicationpostponed-wishlist

373 DeskaBugNewNormalCLI: unput, dumping and restoring of items with newlines and quotation marksTomáš Hubík2012-01-03 11:58CLI / Parserswproj-final

365 DeskaBugNewNormalFIXMEs in the FZU schemeLukáš Kerpl2012-01-03 11:58DB Schemeswproj-final

345 DeskaBugNewNormaltest joining between vairous kinds in filtersJan Kundrát2011-12-29 01:25Testspostponed-wishlist

342 DeskaBugNewNormaltest for accessing already commited changesetsJan Kundrát2011-12-29 01:25Testspostponed-wishlist

336 DeskaBugNewNormaltests for applyBatchedChangesJan Kundrát2011-12-29 01:25Testspostponed-wishlist

334 DeskaFeatureNewNormalLoops in the box nestingMartina Krejčová2011-12-27 00:57DB Schemeswproj-final

329 DeskaBugNewNormaltests for the resolved diffJan Kundrát2011-12-29 01:25Testspostponed-wishlist

328 DeskaBugNewNormaltests for restoringCommitJan Kundrát2011-12-29 01:25Testspostponed-wishlist

312 DeskaBugNewNormaldiff: numeric values are reported as stringsMartina Krejčová2011-11-22 20:23SQL Database / JSONpostponed-wishlist

279 DeskaFeatureNewNormaldocumentation for kind attributesJan Kundrát2011-09-08 23:43Protocol / Designpostponed-wishlist

278 DeskaFeatureNewNormal_GLBCXX_DEBUGJan Kundrát2011-09-08 23:41Protocol / C++ implementationpostponed-wishlist

193 DeskaBugNewLowFix parsing of invalid object nameTomáš Hubík2011-11-29 20:47CLI / Parserpostponed-wishlist

182 DeskaBugAssignedNormalImprove parser to distinguish between bad nesting and unknown attributesTomáš Hubík2011-11-29 20:46CLI / Parserpostponed-wishlist


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